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The Composition Of Air Spring

Update Time: 28 Nov 2022


A permanent part of the bead plate assembly used to attach the air spring to te suspension .

2.Combo stud

Combination mounting stud and air fitting.

3.Blind nut

A permanent parts of the bead plate assembly providing an allemate mounting system to the stud .

4.Air Fitting Hole

A tapped hole usually 1/4” N.P.T. providing air entrance for the part

5.Bead Plate

Pemanently crimped onto the bellows at the factory allowing complete part leak testing prior to shipment


the heart of an Sundom Air spring,includes at least four plies ,or layers ,of material-an inner layer,two plies of cord-reinforced fabric ,and an outer layer .

7.Bumper (optional)

a solid molded rubber fail-safe device used ,or many suspension applications .Prevents excessive damage to vehicle and suspsneison in the case of sudden air pressure loss .


the lower section of the 1T an 1X style of air spring made from aluminum ,steel or fiber reinforced plastic.Provides lower mounting arrangement for the air spring in the from of tepped holes or studs.

9.piston bolt

Attaches the piston to the bwllows assembly.extended,in some cased ,to serve as a means of attaching the spring to the suspension .

10.Grdle hoop

A ring between the concolution of the concoluted tye air spring.

Service assembly

on Sundom air spring of 1T style ,the rubber bellows bead plate portion of the sping is a separate hermetically sealed unit.available for replacement use without the piston.called a service included a bead plate,bellow ,internal bumper and all ataching hardware.