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General Specifications

Update Time: 28 Nov 2022

Down and up stops

Positive stops in both directions should always be used with air spring. compression, the minimun heigh shown for ea ch air spring is at or slightly above the pinch point of the is a #22 shown in the collapsed or pinch point confition .

the bellowa can be damaged f allowed to constantly botton out as shown above.therefore,a downstop is required to prevent this.An external downstop can be something as simple as a steel block and should be sized at or slightly greater than the mibimum heght of the Sundom air spring.In our NO.22 example ,the block would need to bw at least 3.0 inches high.if an external dowmstop cannot be used ,many parts are available with internal rubber bumpers .

2.In extension ,an upstop is necessary to prevent the air spring from overextending,the reasons for this are twofold:

a) the life of the bellows may be reduced.

b) the crimp may open up,allowing the bellows bead to blow out of the matal end closure.There are many ways to design-in upstop,including:


b.a chain

c. a cable or strap

d.contacting a metal stop

Operational cautions

Air spring dailure can be caused by a variety of situations,including intermmal or exemal rubbing.excessive heat and overxlension.For further details,refer to warranty considerations.

Temperature /pressure range

the ambient operating temperature range for standard vehicular air spring may vary.See the website for temperature ranged for individual parts by parts number.the maximum pressuer is 100 psi.


In general,bumpers are used to support the vehicle weight to prevent damage to the flexible member during rimes when no air is rhe sysem.They are also used as stops when the axle is raised by a lift unit in applications that require frequent bumper contact .


Shielding should be used to pretect the bellows from exposure to hot matal,sand,petroleum base fluids,acids.Please consult Sundom if you wish to know how to bellows will wishstand a specific contaminant .


The best storage environment is a dark,dry area at normal room temperature .


Don't inflate assembly when it’s unresteicted.Assenbly must be restricted by suspension or other adequate structure.Don’t inflate beyond pressures recommeded in design literature.Improper use or overinflation may cause assembly to burst causing property damage or severe personal injury .