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Air Spring Warranty Policy

Update Time: 28 Nov 2022

1 years warranty without mileage limitation.

SUNDOM warranty that its air spring for commercial vehicles ,bearing SUNDOM’S trademark,production date and product identification number are free from defects in material and/or workmanship.

The warranty period is (one) years from Ex-factory date.

Sundom reserves the exclusive right to inspect the claimed arispring (if any) to determine the warranty applicability.

No claims maybe lodge under warranty if the defect was caused by:

Violation of operating,maintenance and/or installation

Improper ues and/or storge

Faulty and/or negligernt handing and/or assembly

Natural wear and tear or tampering with the delivery item by the customer or a third part

The present warranty information contains only an extract of SUNDOM’S GeneralTerms and Conditions and Conditions and thus is anon-birding information.

If not otherwise agreed in writing, all warranty claims shall be suject to SUNDOM’S General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment regarding air spring for commercial vehicles.